1, Registration Fee

Category By Mar. 10, 2018 After Mar. 31, 2018
Regular Author 500USD/3400RMB 600USD/4000RM
HKSME Member 480USD/3200RMB 550USD/3700RMB
Student Author/Committee 450USD/3000RMB 500USD/3400RMB
Presenter (Only Abstract) 350USD/2300RMB 370USD/2500RMB
Listener 300USD/2000RMB 320USD/2100RMB
Additional Page 70USD/Page/400RMB 70USD/Page/400RMB
Additional Paper 360USD/Paper/2400RMB 360USD/Paper/2400RMB


* Regular Author: Submitting full paper to publish in conference proceeding and present your research on the conference.

* Presenter: Just submitting abstract to present on the conference.

* Student Author: Providing a valid certificate from their departments.

* Additional Page: One regular paper has 6-10 pages. If the paper exceeds 6 pages, extra pages should be paid at 70 USD/ page.

* Additional Paper: One author can only publish 2 papers.


2, Registration Files

1) For Author: a, Registration Form(中文注册表); b, Final Paper( doc& pdf); c, Copyright; d, Payment Proof

2) For Presenter/ Listener: a, Registration Form中文注册表); b, Final Abstract( doc& pdf); c, Payment Proof

3, Registration Notices

1) The papers will be published online.

2) Registration of paper must be done by one of author(s) of paper. Presentation of paper must be done by one of author(s) of the paper.

3) Your registration will be confirmed when the payment of the registration fee is received by the Organizers.